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Laura Pausini, World Tour 2023/2024

Sat 10.02.2024 Forest National - Brussels

Laura Pausini, World Tour 2023/2024

Sat 10.02.2024 Forest National - Brussels

The highl yanticipated dates of the Laura Pausini World Tour 2023/2024 have been finally revealed. End 2023, the Italian star will embark on a prestigious world tour and on Saturday, February 10, she will come to Forest National in Brussels for a unique concert!

Laura Pausini’s world tour will kick off next December in Rome fresh from the success of #LAURA30, the incredible music marathon that saw Laura perform three live performances in 24 hours on three stages in NewYork, Madrid, and Milan to celebrate an unprecedented 30 years of her career. 

It will be a tremendous comeback for Laura Pausini, who, after the World Tour Premiere in St. Mark's Square in Venice and Plaza de Españain, Seville, will bring her music to some of the most prestigious arenas around the world. Laura will meet her adoring fans again with a show that will enhance her repertoire with all the new music that will mark a new chapter in her career.

“I haven'tbeenontoursince2019", says Laura Pauisini. “It's what I've missed the most these years, and when with Paolo, my husband, we thought about our honeymoon, we looked into each other's eyes and we both realized that the best way to celebrate and be really happy was to get back on stage. The new world tour will beour very own honeymoon!”

Laura Pausini World Tour 2023/2024 is organized and produced byFriends & Partners. It will kick off in December in Rome and in the rest of Italy (Mantua, Florence, Eboli, Bari, Padua, Bologna, Turin, Bolzano, andMilan). Next she will continue her tour inEurope (Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, and Stuttgart), in SouthAmerica (Mexico City, Monterrey, Quito, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Lima and Bogotá) and in the U.S. (Miami, Houston,Chicago, Orlando, and Los Angeles), before returning to NewYork,where the 30-year marathon began, this time in the evocative setting of Madison Square Garden. After this, more tour dates for this unstoppable tour will be announced.

As from March 23nd, 2023 ‘Un Buon Inizio/Un Buen Inicio’ vinyl, Laura Pausini's latest single will be available. This vinyl also features the brand-new unreleased track‘Davanti a noi / Frentea Nosotros’on the B side, a song written by LauraPausini, Paolo Carta and Niccolò Agliardi, which was the soundtrack of Laura and Paolo's wedding.

Don’t miss the long-awaited return of Laura Pausini to Belgium, on Saturday February 10th, 2024at Forest National in Brussels! 


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Laura Pausini, World Tour 2023/2024
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