Fall Out Boy releases vinyl containing real human tears

Published on Thu 04.05.2023

Those guys from Fall Out Boy are quite something. They had 50 copies of their new album 'So Much (For) Stardust' made on vinyl that contained real human tears. What else do you expect from an emo band!

"Music is more than just sound waves. It's passion, struggle and emotion," say Fall Out Boy. "That's why we developed a new kind of record that contains the artist's actual tears. That way you're not just listening to what the artist played, you're feeling what they felt." The band jokingly adds that the record 'may contain traces of eyeliner'.

Want a copy of this very special release? Don't bother. All 50 copies were sold within the hour. But not to worry: on October 25, Fall Out Boy is coming to Forest National. From the front row, you might even catch the tears of Pete Wentz and co.