Gregory Porter's debut album gets a reissue

Published on Tue 12.04.2022

Today he is one of the greatest jazz artists of his time, but 12 years ago Gregory Porter was anything but a household name.

It wasn't exactly written in the starts that he would go on to become the big star he is today. By the time his debut album 'Water' was released in 2010, Gregory Porter was already 40 years old, and there was nothing to suggest that anyone outside the jazz world would ever know his name.
'Water' was a bold project. The album was recorded in a live setting at a studio in Brooklyn. Porter had rounded up some promising musicians from the neighborhood and let them do their thing in the studio, in order to get the most authentic sound possible. A completely different way of working from other records, where the smallest detail can be fiddled with to perfection. That combined with the warm, deep and comforting voice of Gregory Porter and you have an instant classic on your hands.

'Water' launched Gregory Porter's career like a rocket. The public immediately embraced the singer and the album was even nominated for a Grammy Award.

With this re-release, a new generation has the chance to discover the warm jazz and soul of Gregory Porter. The album is now available everywhere in digital format, on CD and on vinyl.

Gregory Porter will be performing at Forest National on April 23. Tickets are on sale now via the website.