After five years, Fall Out Boy has new album out

Published on Fri 24.03.2023

Fall Out Boy fans got some good news at the end of last year! The band then hinted at releasing a new album after five years. In January came the news that the new material would be released in March. And the band kept its word. From today, you can go wild on 'So Much (For) Stardust'. Incidentally, the album comes exactly 20 years after their debut album 'Take This To Your Grave' and 5 years after 'Mania', their previous album.

'So Much (For) Stardust' is already Fall Out Boy's eighth studio album. For the album, the band teamed up again with producer Neal Avron, who also worked with the foursome back in 2008. Fall Out Boy also returned to its former record label. The renewed collaborations no doubt explain the more guitar-driven songs on the new album.

If you are curious to hear Fall Out Boy's new music live, you might also be looking forward to their concert on Wednesday 25 October at Forest National. Tickets are available.