New deal for Kev Adams, Avril Lavigne's performance interrupted and meet Tamino's brother

Published on Fri 17.03.2023

Avril Lavigne will long remember the Juno Awards in Canada. The singer was there to announce an artist, but her speech was disrupted by a half-naked activist. Avril Lavigne, however, wasn't thrown off balance. "Get the fuck off the stage," she said, whereupon the activist was removed from the stage by a security guard. Avril has since been widely praised for how she handled the situation.
On May 4, Avril Lavigne will perform at Forest National.


On Thursday, March 23, Tamino takes the stage at Forest National. But did you know he also has an equally creative brother? Ramy Moharam Fouad is a film director-photographer and will capture his brother's performance on film.


Things are going for Kev Adams. You saw him shine in the blockbuster "Maison De Retraite" last year, as well as in the Netflix stand-up special "Kev Adams: The Real Me." This week it was announced that he signed a deal with the Artist International Group. So we can expect more great work!
On April 2, you can see Kev Adams at work at Forest National.