Park & Ride

Avoid the area of Forest National, park your car at a P+R (Park & Ride) and cover the remainder of your journey by tram or bus. Thanks to the STIB Event Pass, you don't have to pay anything extra for this.

  • P+R Stalle (intersection of Stallestraat 292 and Sterstraat 161, 1180 Uccle)
    • 380 spaces
    • Parking is free.
    • Take tram 82 toward Station Berchem and get off at tram stop Zaman-Forest National.
    • Or take tram 97 toward Louiza and get off at tram stop Zaman-Forest National.
  • P+R Coovi (Avenue Josse Leemans 110, 1070 Anderlecht)
    • 1.300 spaces
    • Parking costs 3 euro for one day. 
    • Take bus 74 toward Clemence Everard and get off at bus stop Forest National.